Certificates for the Conservation of the Environment and Biodiversity

NE&C is currently working in Costa Rica and Panama (Tapón de Darién) to develop a program that certifies community based agriculture projects on various aspects including sustainability, regenerative impact, as well as socio-economic wellness of the community. Using the latest in cryptographic methods we can mathematically guarantee the transparency and quantify the impact of Regenerative eco-projects.

What is Blockchain techonology?

Blockchain is a distributed system that acts as an «open book» to store and manage transactions or information. The records, as defined in International Records Management (ISO 15489-1: 2016) are «information created, received and maintained as evidence and as an asset for an organization or person, in compliance with legal obligations or in the business transaction.» Each record in the database is called a block and contains details such as the time stamp of the transaction and the link to the previous block or record.

These records are immutable, so it is impossible to alter or modify the information retroactively. In addition, because the same transaction is recorded in multiple distributed database systems, the technology is highly secure by design.

The most important peculiarity of the Blockchain technology is its immutability, this means that the information remains in the same state ad perpetuam.

How does the NE&C digital preservation certificate work using blockchain?

Certification Process
Nature Economy & Conservation


NE&C, communities and landowners interested in conservation meet to work for the environment.


NE&C following all local laws, notarizes and validates all documentation.


NE&C verifies and collects all relevant documentation, details the biological inventories and digitizes them.


The NE&C conservation certificate documents are compiled into a compressed file and stored in the security of the NEM block chain.


The conservatives or mitigators obtain the NE&C Digital Certificate, which due to the technology used, is open to validation and / or verification of any person or organization.

Conservation Areas

The NE&C protected areas are created spaces that articulate efforts that guarantee animal and plant life in welfare conditions, that is, the conservation of biodiversity, as well as the maintenance of the ecological processes necessary for their preservation and the development of the human kind.

The World in Numbers

Forests are home of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity
Of the species is already extinct
Of the species are at risk of disappearing
Of biodiversity has been lost due to agriculture

The species of the world wait for you.

Let’s do it together