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Panama is a country located in the southeast of Central America. Its official name is Republic of Panama and its capital is the city of Panama. It limits to the north with the Caribbean Sea, to the south with the Pacific Ocean, to the east with Colombia and to the west with Costa Rica. It has an area of ​​75 420 km². Located on the Isthmus of Panama, an isthmus that links South America with Central America, its mountainous territory is interrupted only by the Panama Canal. Its population is 4,115,897.2 On January 1, 2014, the province of Panamá Oeste was created, thus being constituted by 10 provinces and by five indigenous districts.

Its condition as a transit country made it an early meeting point for cultures from all over the world. The country is the geographical scenario of the Panama Canal that facilitates communication between the coasts of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and that significantly influences world trade. And now with the recent inauguration of the expanded Canal, it offers a greater transit of cultures. Due to its geographical position, it currently offers the world a wide platform of maritime, commercial, real estate and financial services, including the Colon Free Zone, the largest free zone in the continent and the second in the world.

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