Nature Economy & Conservation

Nature Economy & Conservation was born in 2017 with the decisive purpose of giving humanity a new economic equation, in which human beings, prosperity and the nature of the planet are predominant.

NE&C is focused at first on the conservation of primary forests in areas of the world where they can certifiably pay more in terms of oxygen, water, biodiversity and projection to nearby populations.


To be a global entity that generates a new paradigm; the design and implementation of a global economy standard in terms of conservation and recovery of nature, mainly primary or virgin, as well as mitigation and community development.


To be a global reference company in economics for the conservation and recovery of nature, for the balance of humanity, supported by blockchain technology to generate transparency in our management and guarantee the fulfillment of objectives.


   Creativity and Innovation

Meet the Team NE&C

Mauricio TrejosHead of Global Strategy
Mauricio joined NE&C in 2017 following a career in Project Strategy, where he lead a rapid growth and transformation in businesses from different sectors…
Alex MarínOrganizational planning
An Industrial engineer who is passionate about environmental conservation, he joined the NE&C team in 2017; he has over 10 years of experience in the development and implementation of…

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